FAQ on Web Design Johannesburg

Web Design Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

I am looking to get my website designed, where do I start?

You first have to make sure you contact us, we will then provide you with a free quotation based o your needs. If you would like to proceed after that we would require a deposit on order to start designing your website and you will pay the rest after we have completed your web design.

I would like a website, but I also need a logo, do you offer logo design services?

Yes, we offer graphic design services. We will be glad to help you with your logo design needs. Contact us and we will show you some of our logo designs and you will receive a free quote based on the type of logo you would like.

I need my website to link with my Facebook page, can you help with that?

Yes, we will gladly help you link your website with your social media page such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube and more. Contact us to link your website with your Facebook page today.

I already have a website but I would like to revamp it, how much will this cost?

Please contact us so we can understand the level of revamping you require for your website. We can only provide you with prices after we fully understand what upgrades you would like to make to your existing website.

I need to change colors on my website, how much will this cost?

Changing colors on your website is simple enough but we cannot provide an estimate if we don’t know exactly which colors you would like to change. Please get in touch with us get to get an exact pricing for your requirements.